Our social order of culture and civilization has become eminently perceptible registering stupendous growth – coupled with technique and technologies in all fragments. Playing a pivotal role in the society widely inheritance of newer systems in science and technology, in its own abridged form, has lead to inventions in all disciplines and perspectives but has never synchronized age old traditional and contemporary applications in life saving Medical practices.

Dr. Sankar is persevering to conserve this sphere of the domain in its own ambit, without losing its nativity which is as difficult as incubating and invigorating standards of the traditional and sacred “life saving sciences”. Mastering such systems by preserving and carrying them down the line to the current generation is a colossal endeavor, which very few could do considering the need, and sanctity of these exceptional medical sciences and systems.

Position and Experience

1. Founder, Chairman –

Complementary Medical Academy of Acupuncture Science.

2. Senate Member: University of Madras

3. General Secretary –

Tamil Nadu Acupuncture Association

Reg. No. 244 / 1997.

Total years of Experience

1. Clinical Experience — Twenty two Years

2. Academic Experience — Fourteen Years

Dr. M.N. Sankar, a highly dedicated customary professional hailing from an erstwhile family of Doctors, specialized in native Indian medicines & mastered the science and their miraculous curatives. Inspired by the late Prof. Dr. Anton Jayasurya of Srilanka, who enlightened him in the astounding and incredible art of acupuncture as a therapeutic rehabilitating approach curing even the incurable of the ailments with ease, triggered in him a quest for mastering the same.

On application of his knowledge in ancient Indian medicines and Acupuncture be obtained remarkable results. Besieged by the fascination he set out on an expedition to China, to further augment his acquaintance with advanced Acupuncture techniques and thus graduated from the prestigious Shanghai University at China.

On his return he flagged of “Hi-cure Acupuncture Centre”, which serves as an epicenter of his mastery and knowledge of his skills & capabilities in this ancient and astounding field. Over the past twenty five years, he has been performing miracles, curing highly complicated ailments where other medical systems have failed.


1.Best Service in the year 1992, 1994, 1995, 2001

2. Bharath Jyothi Award — 1995

3. Seva Rathna Award — 1997

4. Selected “One amongst 2000 Out standings Acupuncture in Medicine” By Cambridge University , England — 2000

5. Millennium Gold Medal – (American Biographical Institute), North Caroline — 2003

6. LIVING LEGENDS AWARD — B.0 Cambridge U.K.- 2003

7. LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – 2005 China, U.K., and U.S.A.

8. His Excellency Governor of Tamil Nadu Best Acupuncture Award in the year — 2009, 2014, 2015.

With his dual knowledge of Native medicines and Acupuncture he moved out to villages and conducted more than 176 rural health programme for the poor and the needy under the banner of COMPLEMENTARY MEDICAL ACADEMY OF ACUPUNCTURE SCIENCE, REGISTERED.

To highlight a few of his specialties – Infantile blindness, a gruesome disaster where research institutions were unable to remedy, have been cured by him in a phenomenal way which can be witnessed daily (100s of patients mostly from Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand). Curing of the neurological and auto immune disorders prevailing in adults, as well as children has been handled by Dr. M.N. Sankar every day at his clinic, where the mind, spirit and body reconciliation is foundation of the treatment. He provides free lunch for the poor patients for the past seven years in his clinic.

He also started educating & training personnel to Acupuncture, where many of them are practicing this medical science curing a lot of patients with their dedication and perseverance. He is motivated firmly to draft a national curriculum, a programme a system. Structure and coordination to elevate Acupuncture as a therapeutic science where merits will serve to accredit, acknowledge, attest and demonstrate to its phenomenal results.

Dr. M.N. Sankar has received accolades worldwide for his dedication, uncompromised service and sincerity.

The International University of Contemporary studies, Washington S.C., U.S.A. Awarded “DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ACUPUNCTURE SCIENCE”.

Dr. M.N. Sankar had spearheaded to establish his institution CMAAS with a formal accord of alliance and association with pre-eminent Chinese acupuncture universities, where the Chinese government and the Indian government shall ally to endorse the marvel of acupuncture — as a science & therapy to serve the needy and the down trodden in the society.